There are 3 reasons why we do it this way. First, it allows us to review hundreds of abstracts in a short period of time without the significant delays typically associated with conference reviews. Second, it allows our proceedings to be a reasonable length. Third, only the abstract is copyrighted. This means that after the paper is presented and the author(s) have received feedback on the paper that the completed paper can be submitted to any journal without copyright restrictions.

Our sessions typically have 5 papers in 2 hour long session. Each paper is 15-20 minutes in length with 5 minutes for Q&A. Our poster sessions are 1 hour long and are during a reception where food and beverages are served. This gives a large attendance to the poster sessions.

Each room is equiped with a laptop and projector. We have adaptors for Macs and IPads. All you would need to bring is a flash drive. We have a tech person on site all the time to help with any difficulties that arise.

Each session has an award for Best Paper which is voted on at the conclusion of every session. Anyone who is registered at the conference and has attened the entire session can vote. The Best Papers are considered to have gone through a review process and only have to go through an Editor review when submitting to the Journal of Social Sciences Research or the Academy of Educational Research Journal.

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